Meeting Minutes

American Legion Riders Post 327
July  20,  2017

The July 20, 2017 meeting of the Post 327 American Legion Riders was called to order by the Assistant Director Paul Murch at 1834. Members conducted the Pledge of Allegiance.

1. PRAYER: Paul Murch.

2. MINUTES: The minutes from the last meeting are posted on the webpage.

3. TREASURY REPORT: The Treasurer, David Seate, read the Treasurers report. Beginning balance of $4,189.10 and an ending Balance of $4,680.72. The Treasurers report was approved as read.

4. NEW MEMBERS, GUESTS: Robert Kelly (Guest), Derrick Johnson DJ (New Member)

5. GUEST SPEAKER: No guest speaker

a. None

7. BREAK: Short break was observed.

a. Paul and Pat participated in the SEAL Memorial escort. Dedication was this morning at 1000 at the beach.
b. Pat gave an update on Bob Perkins.
c. Ray Harris has an American Legion Jean Jacket (L) for anyone who wants it.
d. Ride Sunday 23 JUL for the Shriners, Reg 9-11 at Southside Harley.
e. Ride Saturday 22 JUL, Bikes for Blessings from Cycle Gear
f. Moving Wall escort on September 14
g. ALR State Rally at post 16 in Lynchburg, 15-17 SEP.
h. 23 SEP Support our Troops by VFW Riders.
i. 30 SEP Wreaths Across American fundraiser at Cycle Gear.
j. National Forestry Service, 1 time cost of lifetime Senior pass will increase from 10 to 80 dollars. Must be 62 or older. Available online and at any National park.
k. Talked about care packages for deployed service members.
l. Need to come up with 12 organizations to donate to monthly. Think of some ideas and bring them to the next meeting.

9. SAFETY BRIEF: No safety brief was conducted

10. RAFFLE DRAWING: No raffle drawing.

11. The next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2017 at 1830. Meeting adjourned at 1913.

Assistant Director Paul Murch
Adjutant / Secretary / Webmaster - Shane Kelly
Treasurer David Seate
Pat Carney
Ray and Charlotte Harris
Mrs. Harris
Rob Buckhalter
Allan Beane

American Legion Post 327 | 705 Lesner Ave. Norfolk, VA 23503 | 757.587.2641